Tuesday, March 29, 2011


View from the Cathedral

Volcanoes in the mist
  They're everywhere you look in Antigua. Three of them - Volcan Agua, Volcan Fuego and Volcan Acatenango - loom over the town.  There's little that's more photogenic - they change with the arrival and departure of sun and clouds, day and night, and they just look powerful.  And Fuego ("fire") is prone to "burping" a plume of steam every once in a while.  Add to that Lake Atitlan, which is surrounded by it's own three volcanos. What you end up with is many, many photos of volcanos - which I am sharing now.
The streets of Antigua

Snow cone!


From Common Hope

A burp from Volcan Fuego

Sunset at Lake Atitlan

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