Sunday, March 6, 2011


Jennedy Jazmin Coj de Lopez

Three years ago, during our first Vision Team trip to Common Hope, we decided to sponsor a little girl.  At that time she was four years old and still in pre-school.  Our hopes for her were and are for her to complete her education.  Last April, leading our second Vision Team here, we met her and her family for the first time.  They are a family of six: mother, father, three girls and a boy.  They live on less than $300 a month, with a two room block house, shared latrines, five chickens and a bicycle. They have two beds - not sure of the sleeping arrangements. Their luxury is running water close by, purchased from a neighbor. 

Last week, we visited her again.  At seven now, she is in first grade and doing well.  Her favorite subject is mathematics.  She was very shy and quiet when we tried to talk with her.  Then we brought out our present - "Huevos Verdes y Jamon" - Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish.  We read it to her and she and the others present - mother, sister, social worker - laughed at the right places, which was comforting.  It was suprisingly difficult to read something in a foreign language when you didn't understand exactly what you were reading!  It opened her up, though and she became more talkative. 

It was as hard to leave as it had been a year earlier.  Our hopes and dreams for her are that she will grow up an educated woman who can think for herself as far as vocation and family size - and bring herself and her family out of the cycle of poverty.

Hasta la vista, Jennedy!

Drawing with Jack

Green Eggs and Ham with Linda

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