Monday, March 14, 2011

Using Your Head!

One of our abiding memories of Guatemala will always be the way women carry everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - on their heads.  It requires perfect posture, a lot of confidence and practice, practice, practice (although we've never witnessed a drop).  Jack has gotten good at "stalking" these ladies from behind to take photos - and here are some of the best.

First prize - eggs

Second prize - tomatoes

Our first prize goes to the woman carrying probably eight dozen eggs.  The photo shows here steadying it with one hand, but a minute earlier, she was hands-free.  Second prize is to the woman with the basket of tomatoes.  Honorable mention - not captured on film - is to the woman carrying a very large, unbalanced bundle of firewood!

A moment that I love is to see a woman - after alighting from the chicken bus - being helped by the bus driver, who carefully places the load on her head before she walks away.

Prize for the widest load

Boxes of stuff
Stopping to chat at the pool hall

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