Thursday, March 17, 2011

Firecrackers, a rooster and church bells.

Hola blogees,
Sorry but this will be a posting with no pictures. As you read further, you will understand why. I'm describing events that we have never seen,and only heard. Boy have we heard them. Mostly we've heard them when we were sound asleep in the early morning hours, so getting up and taking a picture was far from our minds.Taking more violent action however has crossed my mind.

Now ( finally you may say) to the sources of the noise.
Church bells are probably the most understandable. In our first apartment we often heard bells very early in the morning as early as 5 am. The interesting thing is that, for the life of us, we couldn't locate a church nearby.
In our current apartment we have a rooster that likes to crow especially at 4 am. He is not a singular "cock- a -doodle" kind of guy. He repeats the crows endlessly  only to be stifled by closing the windows and an occcasional utilization of ear plugs.
The most curious noise however was firecrackers. We had heard them at other times in Guatemala, but of course it makes more of impression when one hears them in the early morning hours. Finailly Linda's Spanish teacher told her that friends may give the loving gift of firecrackers to wake you on your birthday. Candles on a cake would seem to be a far better form of combustion.

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  1. And a fine Cock-a-doodle, Ding-Dong, Vroom to you guys from Pana