Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We are here....

Arrived in Guatemala City at 2:30 this afternoon.  Our first thoughts, upon arriving in a foreign country and different culture were OMG, IT'S WARM!   Beautiful hot afternoon and cooling off at night.  Had quite a few nostalgic flashbacks to our April First Parish Vision Team - our arrival at the airport, wrestling bags through baggage claim, and piling the myriad suitcases on top of the mini-van.  Luckily we didn't need Glen and Kepler this time. 
We had pre-arranged for our taxi driver to take us to a large supermarket that took US credit cards so we could stock up on essentials - and he certainly did.  This place (in Guatemala City) was bigger than most I've seen in the States.  We bought REAL avocados, limes, tostadas, olives, and tamales for dinner tonight. 

Arrived at our apartment around 5-ish.  It's very cozy and green and gated.  Just 4 or 5 blocks from the market and the Central Plaza, although we haven't gotten out there yet. 

  avocados, olives and tostadas

Tomorrow morning we'll figure out how to get to Common Hope and will be meeting with three of the six Guatemalan leadership that we'll be mentoring, primarily in English but also in business skills.  Then later in the day we should have time to get into Antigua Central.


  1. So glad to hear you made it there safely. What a great adventure ahead of you. We'll be thinking of you often and looking for posts (and whatsapp texts...). Love you and miss you!

  2. Your excitement and hope is palpable. Enjoy your wonderful experiences and keep the blog going :)

    Glad you are missing this winter wonderland we are experiencing.

  3. Glad you arrived safely! The supermarket picture looks ah-mazing!