Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hermano Pedro's Tree

Hanging out at a little park next to El Calvario church, we noticed people walking around this tree, picking up dried blossoms that had fallen from it.  Turns out, it's Hermano Pedro's (Brother Peter's) tree.  Hermano Pedro is the Main Man around Antigua - Guatemala's first saint, canonized in 2002.  Seems like he was a very good person, working, in the 1500's, with the homeless, founding the first hospital and doing a lot of good work.
Well, purportedly he planted this tree around 1570.  It has white flowers year round and if you gather those that fall from the tree and brew a tea from it, it will cure headaches and many other things.  As the English-translated sign says, "the active ingredient is faith."                                                                            

As we watched people gathering flowers, this little boy started gathering and giving us what he got.  Guess he figured we needed a little help getting started.  Soon he and Jack were gathering together.  So now we have a handful of dried flowers to brew into a tea that cures what ails 'ya.  Thanks, Hermano Pedro.


  1. I was just researching this of an article on, and came across your site - I think the year he planted the tree was 1657. He lived 1626 to 1667. Just thought I'd pass the info along! :)