Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Digs

I want this bedspread!
 Here are some photos of our cute little condominio.  It's small but cozily fine for the two of us.  The internet connection (including wireless) is very good, which allows us to do a lot of our prep work at home.  There's only a small volcano view, to Jack's chagrin.  Right on the bus route and 10 minutes to Common Hope, 10-15 minute walk to city center.  We only rented this for February as we thought we could look for another place when we got here for March.  We're zeroing in on a very nice find - REAL volcano view, not so good internet connections, two minutes from the market - so we'll see.

Living room



Within the gated community

Walking through our condo grounds, I came upon calla lillies, just growing!  I'd never seen them in a garden - always thought they grew in the arms of a Hispanic woman at a market!  Very exciting,


  1. Loving those golden yellow walls in your kitchen and bedroom, just can't recreate that color and texture up here.
    Missing the snow yet…hah.

  2. Hi Guys - you have good taste - I want the bedspread too! Thanks for the picture of the Calla Lilies - that was my Mom's favorite flower and it brought back some good memories. Love you, Craig

  3. Had an experience in SA where a vender at a robot ( stop light ) sold me the largest bunch of cala lilies that I had ever seen(probably he had picked them nearby), since then I have loved those flowers. Love ot hear about everthing.. Hugs, Janice

  4. Love those huge terra cotta tiles on the floor! What a cute place.