Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Market, To Market....

   Remember the photo of the huge supermarket in Guatemala City?  Today we (and the rest of Antigua) went to try out the local Saturday market.  Being cognizant of buying only what you can peel (by the time we get home, we'll kill for a lettuce salad), we roamed the market, got lost a few times and bought food for dinner tonight - as well as a beautiful bunch of status at the flower section for 1Q (8Q = $1).  The entire shopping bag full cost $4 US.  And it was FUN!

Our purchases


  1. Can't you wash the lettuce with a very low concentration of bleach in the water? If it doesn't work please let me know so I don't anything that stupid :-)

  2. Wonderful market! The colors are so vibrant. So.... what did you cook?

  3. Sarah - we made chicken mole (with powder) with plantains, and really good guacamole with garlic and corn. Only problem was the rice didn't cook right - not sure why.
    Anne - our apartment is very cozy and comfortable. Great area - 10 minutes to town and on the chicken bus route. Only problem is it's a bit noisy sometime with things going on in the common area - but they don't last late.