Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lake Atitlan, Chichi Market and Guate Cooking

We've had a great time with our friends Anne and Jim for the past week. We've been busy working with our mentees, and Jim and Anne had projects connected with Common Hope this  past week that were very successful.
Atitlan Volcano View from our Hotel
Very fresh chicken at Chichi market
As Linda mentioned we travelled to Lake Atitlan with them last weekend and visited Chichicastanango on the way back to Antigua on Sunday.  We covered both those destinations last year on our blog so wont detail them here but are such favorites we decided to go back with Jim and Anne.
To market to market
We had a very comfortable ride for all this with the manager of the house that we are renting in his minivan. There were alternate methods of transportation that we observed on the road seemed less comfortable but got the job done.

The four of us took a Guatemalan cooking class on Friday, cooked a four course dinner and enjoyed the results in a lovely court yard at the restaurant.
Chile rellenos Guate style was my personal favorite.

Teacher and Student

Guate feast

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  1. What a fantastic experience. Always enjoy reading about your endeavors and adventures.