Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baron and Sunny

Three days driving to Atlanta to drop Baron with Aunt Melanie and Cousin Sunny. Baron and Sunny seem to have the bed situation straightened out. Smooth trip so far; not counting Barons' getting into our Super Bowl dinner leftovers and demolishing 12 chicken wing bones (with BBQ sauce). No adverse reactions. Went to spinning class with Melanie this morning, which felt great. Tomorrow on to Houston.


  1. Spinning class? Now I'll NEVER keep up with you when you get back... Drive safely. Snow is in excellent shape here. May still be around when you return in April.

  2. Houston will be sure to delight you! Weather has been cool and sunny. Good luck on the 2nd leg of the journey.

  3. cute foto. why isn't Baron laying on a terrible towel?